Only a short update today, since my life is too crazy insane. For those of you who may live in the whole Berks/Lancaster County area (OK, not the whole area), you might be excited to know that this Friday (possibly today depending on when this gets up) is the annual CCS Chicken BBQ. I probably will be making an appearance, even though there won’t be an alumni game this year.

Well, I lied. There will be, but for some odd reason, they decided to get all sexist and not let boys play. And to think, in previous years when the alumni played the boys’ high school team, we didn’t discriminate like some bad episode of Leave It To Beaver. No. No matter what gender or race, you could play as long as you brought it on. It is sorta like how I have been trying to join a sorority for years. Just because I don’t save my legs or pluck my eyebrows doesn’t make me any less of a pillow fighter.

So anywho, come on out if you will be around and see if you can track me down. But no saying you spotted me from afar and were too scared to come up and say hi. If we all had that kind of attitude, who would get mono (whatever that means)?

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