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Hey, another update! See, I told you I wouldn’t abandon you again (seriously this time!). I plan on updating pretty regularly for the unforeseen future. Granted, it may not be everyday (especially with my schedule now), but I hope to. So check back often if have some time to kill at work and want to stick it to the man, and lets face it, who doesn’t?

Hopefully everyone is having a killer time pimping out their own custom rides. I know I am while chillin to the oh so sensual, please touch me tones of smooth jazz. Yeah baby, who’s the white Barry White? It looks as if some of you may need some more practice on your ghettoliscious skills though. So take another crack at Ghetto Rigger and don’t forget to post your high score in the forums to see if you beat me (the white Barry White).

I would like to thank everyone who made the time to come out the West Chester Film Festival this weekend. All in all it was a good event with some good films and videos to see. Of course, there were a lot of bad ones… ones in where I wanted to shoot myself, but luckily none that involved the word “tank”.

Event though the short I edited didn’t win any awards, it was great to see everyone’s reaction when they watched it. That was worth it to me, to hear the audience laugh and enjoy something that I helped out with for over a year. Hopefully we will get into a few more festivals and you will have another chance to check it out.

The next couple days will be pretty crazy over here so there maybe a day or two without updates, but I will try my best to get something else up. I’ve gotta look out for the three people who might stumble in here!

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