Pimp Juice

I was getting tired of that front page, so once again I have returned for your reading pleasure! I pretty much realized that this site has always been some type of a blog, even with my short experiment with the whole “zine” concept. So this site is probably going to become straight up blog from now on. I will be putting up different sections with other topics of interest once I have time to write something or someone else is so bored they feel compelled to help out.

With that out of the way, I do have some exciting updates for the three readers out there! Yes, with the power of flash and the genius of Jeff from, you can finally do what your parent’s said you couldn’t. No, I’m not talking about putting your head under the soft serve ice cream machine, I’m talking about pimping out your ride in the new smash hit game, Ghetto Rigger! Click on the Gallery Section to the left and make a ride even Vin Diesel would be jealous of. And don’t forget to post your high score over in the forum, see if you can beat my fly creation!

Oh, and a final note here since I won’t update tomorrow (Heck, I haven’t updated in 3 months, you don’t want me to get a charlie horse, do you?). If live around the West Chester area, consider going out to the West Chester Film Festival this weekend. A film I edited called Crosswalk will be shown twice Saturday night, and I will also be attending. So come on out and see some films and or me. Shameless plug, I know. Deal with it.

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