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Corporatetown, USA

Today was finally the day, the day that me and the rest of the big corporation loving sheep have been waiting for. Wait for it… Wait for the evil… Yes, evil has arrived in this kitchen! Of course, I am talking about the grand opening of Wal * Mart in my small little slice of PA. I for one am excited to see the impending slow and painful death of the local businesses that is sure to ensue. That includes you, Martin’s Country Market! Your locally own monopoly that has been gouging people for years can not compete with Wal * Mart’s own masochistic love of undercutting its very own prices!

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Come on, Shake Your Body

Who doesn’t remember the latino music craze? With it’s hyperactive drum line and unrecognizable foreign lyrics that gave a feeling of yeah, I really am sophisticated, yet oh so sexy. Gloria Estefan said it best, “You can’t control yourself any longer”, and no Gloria, we couldn’t. Who wouldn’t want to bring back those times when everything seemed right in the world and a man was only measured by the size of his beauty mole.

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The New Bruce Lee

So I need to start off with an apology. In my last update I had stated that I would be making an ultra sweet guest appearance at the annual CCS Chicken BBQ. And even though some of you said that you had seen me, I have bad news. Just because I experienced the glistening bliss of chicken BBQ drizzling down my chin, I didn’t actually role up to CCS until about 9:30 or so with the one and only Seth Verbal Aggression. We did a drive by and didn’t see anyone there, so we didn’t even stop in. It was only later that someone informed us that there were like three people there… but still, three people who stayed later than everyone else is kinda freaky, so I still don’t think I would have stopped in. Oh well, there is always next year. Until then, enjoy the left over chicken. Delicious.

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Only a short update today, since my life is too crazy insane. For those of you who may live in the whole Berks/Lancaster County area (OK, not the whole area), you might be excited to know that this Friday (possibly today depending on when this gets up) is the annual CCS Chicken BBQ. I probably will be making an appearance, even though there won’t be an alumni game this year.

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Come Blog With Me

Hey, another update! See, I told you I wouldn’t abandon you again (seriously this time!). I plan on updating pretty regularly for the unforeseen future. Granted, it may not be everyday (especially with my schedule now), but I hope to. So check back often if have some time to kill at work and want to stick it to the man, and lets face it, who doesn’t?

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