Joelika 4.0?

Welcome one, welcome all, to the almost brand new I know I know, all three of you who’ve stumbled in here must have been very excited to find this page instead of that “Hey, Were Coming Soon, We Promise. Wink Wink, Ha ha” page that has been there for about 6 months. And I am sure those same three people felt as gipped as a kid who finally found that prize in his bag of Cracker Jacks, only for it to be some lame sticker. Well, I assure you that there will be more content to come once it comes in. I was just as sick of that stupid coming soon page as you.

So what’s the delay? Well, everyone knows that I will be the first to shift the blame to others, but in this case I can’t. Sure, my writers haven’t sent me any content for the new site, but then again, I haven’t really written anything either. So yeah, we’ve all been here gobbling down Cracker Jacks and covering ourselves with those mega awesome super cool lame-o-stickers while laughing hysterically (the colors! the colors!).

However, I did take a break from stickerfying my body to create a couple new shorts that I wanted to share with everyone. Plus I just know you were dying a little bit inside everyday when you couldn’t send an officially branded postcard or visit the forums. So now they are here for you to enjoy… or not, if like me, you prefer stickers.

So once life slows down a little, I should get back into the routine of writing everyday, but for now enjoy some of the new shorts posted in the gallery, and of course post in the forums. I’ll be checking them daily, and I know you don’t want to pass that golden opportunity up. So thanks for stopping by! Did I ever tell you that you rule? Like King Tut. Seriously.

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