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Happy Holidays to The W Sucka!

For everyone who finished their Christmas Shopping tonight…. Fire! We salute you! That’s right, thanks to the power of Wal Mart, China’s 10th largest trade partner, I finally finished all my Christmas shopping about an hour ago. And for anyone who maybe waiting until tomorrow to do their gift buying, well, rats off to you my friend!

But seriously, everyone here (well, all one of us) sincerely wishes you the best this holiday season. So from our family to yours, Happy Holidays, may it be as safe and enjoyable as chestnuts roasting over an open fire in the middle of your apartment can be. I’ll be posting up a new update on Tuesday. So until then, drink some egg nog sucka!

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PA Lemonade Ice, Baby

Nothing like some down right frigid weather to get you all geared up for the Holiday Season. That’s right, with it being a brisk 13 degrees outdoors and an absolute sweltering 60 degrees here in the Joelika dot com dungeon, I am already getting my jolly ho ho hos on. With only three days left to the C-Day, there isn’t much time to find that perfect present for the crazy blogger on your list. For everyone on my list, I figure I have plenty of time to join the midnight slaying of Christmas Capitalism Cheer as I sucker punch who ever stands in the way of me and the last iPod mini (who wants to be on my Christmas list now eh?).

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I Can’t Feel My Eyes

It’s that time of year again folks. And no, I’m not talking about yule time cheer in dairy form, but I am talking about the end of the semester, a time with little sleep and way too much crap to do. I think it is pretty funny how everyone thinks they have the most due before the end of the semester. Oh, feel sorry for me, I have so much to do and no time to do it in. Well, I have news for you buddy… everyone has a whole crap load to do.. so you might as well stop crying about it before even your teddy bear wants to punch you in your face. But in case you were wondering, I do in fact have the most to do… way more than any of you other wanna be procrastinators. So there! Take that!

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Title Shmitle

Oh man, only a couple of minutes to spare in order to meet the coveted Tuesday deadline. Huh? I could always just post later, then change the date to say Tuesday and no one would be the wiser? Well, that is a good point, but that would feel a little too much like cheating… and no one likes a cheater… unless they pay you pockets full of nickels to keep your mouth shut (Oooo, shinny!). But yeah, I guess the only way for you to truly know would be if you check back here like every second… and who doesn’t? Honestly.

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Gobble Gobble Giblets

I wanted to post an update the other day, but probably like many of you, I wasn’t able to shake off my turkey drunk Thanksgiving Day festivities until, well, right now. So now instead you get this super awesome Saturday update from Junianta County. That’s right, with the help of my GPRS enabled cell phone, this update is being brought to you from atop of some redneck mountain. So sit back, relax, and “get er done”.

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