Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

Today is of course Veterans Day for those of you who want to remember those who fought for freedom all over the world. It is because of their sacrifices that we enjoy a country filled with all the freedoms we enjoy. So to those in my family who fought, and to everyone else who fought as well, thank you.

Well, I wanted to have a special update up in time for ‘Rock The Vote’, aka election day, but in case you haven’t noticed, that time has come and gone (oh shoot! I forgot to vote! Who was running again?). I was busy helping around campus last week, which is why I did not get to update. I wanted to rock the vote, all the way back to Chinatown that evening too, but I had film night that evening so I didn’t get home until the polls closed. Oh well, I guess what’s her face is now judge and that other dude is well, whatever. I don’t even know who anyone was or what they were running for. Pretty typical of local elections! I do know however that Pam Gockley who was running for register wills lost! What is that and how do I know? I have no idea, but I did do a commercial for her at work… yeah, it was so bad it made her lose! Yes!

The semester is almost over here at the heathen college, and it may soon ending for you as well. Or maybe you are already done, but then you are paying off years of debt which means I laugh at you! Ha ha! Hopefully once school is done, I will have more time to work on the new It is just about done, no joke. I only have like a few more things… I might open up the new forum awhile, I haven’t decided yet. But my goal is to have everything up by the end of the year. I think that is feasible… I mean, I have been working since February of this year! Ha! So be on the look out….

If I have time tomorrow, I will post all about the great Reggie And The Full Effect show I went to over the weekend. If not, well, you stink for not being there! Music hater.

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