Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

I kinda dropped off the face of the earth, didn’t I? Well, I am back to haunt your dreams with my one of a kind sweet carmel center. I have been super busy over the past two weeks, shooting a short movie entitled Crosswalk and of course being the slave child of Encompass Media and Albright College. But that’s OK, I got a full hour of sleep last night which means I am ready to go! It’s the poo, so you better get a whiff.

So this Friday is finally All Hallows Eve, and hopefully by now, you have already picked out your ghoulish costume for this year. If not, you better run down to your local Halloween Super Center and pick something up quick! You don’t want to be stuck in last years costume if you want to be metrosexual this holiday season… and don’t even get me started on product for your hair… Seriously…

What am I doing for Halloween this year? Well, Verbal Aggression and I were contemplating on making a haunted house and charging 5 dollars a head to get in, but with it already being the 28th and all we have is a paper mache piƱata of Chuckie, I don’t think that is going to happen. I guess I will just have to fall back to plan B which is to go as Sunshine Bear, the Carebear again. I will shoot you with lint from my belly of love and justice and you will smile! Spreading the lint of justice around America! Oh yeah!

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