Tuesday, October 7th, 2003

It seems as if the ice age has begun here in the beautiful mushroom town of Reading (Mmmm, mushroom pops!). I am actually really glad that the hot weather seems to be over… I for one would rather live in the Arctic as an Eskimo, sledding around carefree, killing walruses all day, and using their blubbery carcasses as sleeping bags. Ooo, cozy.

I know last updatation I had this huge rant about the police around my house, and I promise I won’t do it again so soon, but I had to at least share this with the most importan people ever (that’s you by the way!). Remember how I mentioned all they do is sit on the side of the roads (and in creeks) and try to catch yours truly rocking out in the modified Mach 1 Granny mobile? Well, it seems as if they some how acquired a mobile radar speed sign that calculates your current speed and shines a giant red beam at you when you are going in excess of the posted recommended speed (which I do on occasion ). And if that isn’t annoying enough, they like to move it around daily to new locations. It is like their new toy, but yeah… I wonder if I go fast enough, if it will just self destruct… He is going to fast captain!

When did it become midterms? Honestly, one night I was battling the evil Ganon and slaying him with Evil’s Bane and when I looked up, I had like forty things due for this week! Come on guys, this is really going to cut into my saving the world. Actually, I haven’t had time to play a video game in weeks, I am way to busy with work, school, and a short film I am helping with. The film is obviously the only cool thing that is going on and the principle shooting will begin this weekend if any of you are local and want to come out and witness the fray. If you want some more information, or want to see another site I designed, go on over to

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