Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

Isabel has come and gone and for the most part, as I predicted, nothing even happened (OK, OK, in the Reading Area). I only lost power for a brief time, and we didn’t even have any trees fall down (and I live in the forest people), so I really don’t understand why my school canceled all classes that fateful day. It’s not that I am complaining mind you, I really did enjoy the extra sleep (because you know I didn’t do anything productive that day), it’s just I wish they would be consistent! If they are going to call off for rain on Friday, they should at least have the curtsy to call off for rain today, and any other day in which the sky is drooling on me! I could have used that extra sleep this morning.

Today has been pretty slow so far with the sky saliva. I guess the only thing of interest was of course President Bush Jr. gave his speech to the U.N. Security Council. I guess it went as it was expected, with France demanding that the U.S. of A. give back complete control of the government to the Iraq Governing Council, and of course Bush saying NO! Their oil is my precious…. Well, we have to fund this thing somehow! Come on! 87 billion? That’s eight seven zero zero zero…. well, you get the point. Way to many zeros and way to much change that will take the money presses forever to print. But I think everyone is ready for the U.S. to pull out of Iraq, it is just ridiculous now, even if all you have is dreams of swimming in creamy crude oil…. Ooooo!

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