Friday September 19th, 2003

Isabel, Isabel, ISABEL… Oooo! Say it again! Her name invokes such power, such terror, such… wait a second! I live in Pennsylvania! Almost in Central Pennsylvania (OK, and hour from Harrisburg for those of you who want to look this up on a map and try to destroy me)! We aren’t next to any ocean! Why is everyone getting so freaked out?

Honestly, everyone in the Reading area has been going super berserk about the Hurricane formally know as Isabel. Now, I could understand if we were some coastal region, and I know you guys down there in Outer Banx got smashed, but really folks, Reading is surrounded by MUSHROOM FARMS! Oh no! The mushroom farm tides are going to swell up and devour your kids with their foul stank mushroomy goodness! No portobello, NO!!!!

Paranoia has gotten so bad that even my college canceled all classes for today and asked everyone to pack an emergency bag! An emergency bag? What’s next? Wrap your self up in duct tape so you are water and wind resistant? Now you will be safe from Isabel and weapons of mass destruction when hiding in your dorm room in terror!

You can see the news media did a great job of scary the fudge sickles out of people once again, but hey, I do feel bad for everyone who really did get hit by the Hurricane Isabel, and not just some remnant storm. Honestly, everyone just needs to take it down a notch and realize the news media is going to use their high impact 3D graphics whenever they can, because they cost them money. Oh well, at least I did get to sleep in today! All right!

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