Tuesday September 16th, 2003

Today as I woke up, it seemed like Christmas. All night I had silly dreams of Steve Jobs and his little elvish code monkeys running through my head with shiny G5 PowerBooks and Panthers pouncing and mauling those who would be brave enough, or stupid enough, to oppose Steve’s will. I grinned a sly grin as I tried to sleep last night, but in fact, I was laying awake for hours just waiting to hear that string of profanity, the tale tale sign of Steve Jobs’ coming, as he would start his Windows slaying that night.

When I finally did awake and checked the Mac news, I could not believe my Six Color Apple Stocking! There were no new PowerBook G5, nor was there a hostile world take over by Steve Jobs (I guess he wasn’t in the mood for slaying or something)! What is going on? Sigh. But at least there are new PowerBook G4s, for those of you who are curious! Mmmm, blacklit….

For once I didn’t fall asleep in History class (which was amazing since I was up all night waiting to join into the slaying fray)! It did help that we played a game though; yes, I am still in Kindergarten! Actually, it was a tough game if everyone would have played by my rules.

We were given a bag with one task to do and one tool to do it with. For example, I was given a wooden block with a screw in it and my tool was a ruler. My task was to remove the screw from the block. Now, other more ‘wussie people’ went to their neighbors who had a screw driver in their bag or some other tool for a different task, but not me! No, I went MacGyver all over the screw’s gun metal arse and got it out all by myself (the pain lets me know I am alive). So suck that old Pennsylvania’s from our past who actually went to their neighbors for help! I can be totally self sufficient by myself in my own little Joel dungeon… Yeah, I have no idea.

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