Monday, September 15th, 2003

OK, so last weeks updatation was a little, how do you say, uneven. But hey! At least I served you one fully cooked meal and not some half cooked salmonella ball of death! You should be thankful my friends!

Not to much going on here in the Joelika compound (and yes, they do keep me in a compound). I just finished up a Spanish test (that’s prueba for my Spanish speaking friends…) and of course, everyone is just sweating with anticipation as to what Steve Jobs will announce at tomorrow’s Paris Stevenote (It starts at 4 AM EST for those of you who want to be the first to know). Will there be new PowerBook G4s (or maybe even the fabled G5)? Will there be iTunes for Windows? Or maybe Steve Jobs will finally unleash his plan to take over the world and smite all of his enemies. Either way, tomorrow will be a special day for all of humanity. I am personally wearing my turtle neck all day to gain good Karma! Hail Steve Jobs!

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