Tuesday, September 4th, 2003

What happened to my updating streak? I know that you were almost wetting your pants in anticipation for when I was going to post my next update. Well, I couldn’t just give you three straight updating days in a row because that would be expecting way too much from me (plus then you would be a little embarrassed)! I have to ease into this as not to disappoint my one fan that still reads this… me! Yeah!

I don’t know why I had this bright idea in my first two years of college to not take my spanish classes, but boy, was that super stupid! I must have been sniffing some weird magic markers or something because in case you haven’t noticed, I can barely speak my own native language. I blame it on the fact that my first year of spanish in High School was the first half of my spanish one book, then the second year was the second half of the same spanish one book. Plus, as if that wasn’t weird enough, I took that 5 years ago, when I was still wearing diapers and watching Sesame Street! So as you can imagine, I am basically speaking ‘spanglish’ and trying not to shoot those freshmen who come in all speaking spanish like they are part of the Brothers Garcia… that, and I kinda wish I still wore diapers. It would give me some sick satisfaction to relieve myself right in the middle of spanish class…. Ahhh! RestauraciĆ³n!

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