Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003… Second Update In A Row!!!!

So hopefully everyone had a safe and fun Labor Day! I know the extra day off from school is always nice! I actually had a restful labor day for once, thanks to the ever persistent rain that we have been having. See, my family likes to celebrate the American work ethic by taking on some crazy project and doing it on Labor Day. I think this year we were supposed to build a deck, but that never happened! Thank goodness for global warming and how Pennsylvania has turned into a tropical rain forest! I can’t wait until we start to see dinosaurs again!

I think I may be allergic to school. Yeah, I know, that is what every 20 year old who looks like he is 8 says, but this time I think it may be true! Ever since I started classes last week, I have been deathly ill. Soar throat, congestion, and today my head feels like it was bludgeoned with a tube sock filled with nickels! That evil monkey in my closet, man, he sure can hit hard!

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