Monday, September 1st, 2003… Labor Day!

I guess it is finally time to continue my tradition of updating on the first of the month! Yeah, I know, I am so bad, leaving you all here to fend for yourself… hello? Is anyone there?

So you may be wondering, what the harry heck happened to me? Well, I have been busy working on a short film with some guys, of course tons of work, and playing video games until my figured began to bleed! Oh, and working on the new It has gone through a couple new revisions, and is getting closer to a final release. But until then, I will be updating on here more frequently! All right, now you have something to look forward to when all of your friends are passed out! Yes!

Oh yes! I fixed my iBook by the way (obviously, why I am finally updating!). It only too the dumb guy like three months to send me my part, but now I have been reunited with my precious. This is even better than eating a full pound of raw bacon… Mmmm! Give it to me live and kicking, full of juicy goodness!

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