Thursday, May 15th, 2003

Goodness! It has been so dead around here! Yeah, I know, it is all my fault but things got super busy at school. But now I am done and things should be getting back to somewhat of a normal state!

So tonight I went to the Senses Fail show at Sound Waves with the whole Albright Crew and it was great! Well, Senses Fail was great, the rest of the bands vacuumed… especially this one band… You know how lead singers like to pick out one person in the crowd and sing that song just to them? Well, the lead singer of this one band did that with this one love song, which seems sweet, until you realize he was singing it to me and he was a dude. I wasn’t in to that at all. I will have to write more about that at a later… ew….

Oh yes! I also saw the new Matrix movie today! I think it is kinda hard for it to ever live up to the hype people have surrounded it with, but I think all in all it was good. Of course, with my expert eye I saw lots of things that were weird but the highway scene was just freakin madness. I don’t think anyone could say anything bad about that… Man, after that, all I wanted to do was drive around super fast… minus that whole getting shot at by those freaky twins and agents… Woah.

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