Thursday, May 1st, 2003

Boy, what I would have done to have good old Lead Foot Eddy as our class bus driver today! The driver today was, well, how can I put this… He drove like he was in a constant state of constipation. I didn’t think we would ever get home at his top speed of 35 miles per hour! Why? What little adventure did I go on today? Well, today was the IDS class’s trip to the Philthidelphia Art Museum and it took us over 2 hours to get home… oh the humanitiy!

The trip was… OK. I got bored easily since I can only look at so many paintings that look like works my mom used to hang on our own refrigerator door. Honestly, if I would have saved all those finger paintings I did in kindergarten, I think I could go to school for free… Oh well.

But the most annoying thing of the trip was how the art museum as ‘Spectra Guards’ around every corner. I had my very own Spectra Guard shadowing me today. Every time I would turn around, I would see this streak dash behind a wall, and he would always be like… Hey, don’t touch the painting… hey, don’t look too hard at the painting… hey, buy this postcard for 49.95, it’s good karma. Dude, I will give you good Karma with my fist of fury!

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