Monday, April 14th, 2003

You know school is bad when the highlight of your day was going to Wal Mart for 20 minutes to look around for poster frames, but man! That is where I am at! My goodness, and it seems as if everyone I talk to feels the exact same way, so for anyone remotely thinking about going to Albright, if they don’t give you a whole lot of money, and I am talking about Albright’s little pot-o-gold they hide there beneath Jake’s Place… RUN AWAY!

I think spring is finally here! I must admit, I am a little upset since that means hot temperatures are coming soon… like tomorrow! Man, it is going to be near 80 degrees! That’s crazy hot! My fake skin will start to melt in that kind of heat. And of course, that also means swim suit season is coming up and I have already begun to prepare! Oh yes, I am riding my bicycle and downing those power shakes like there is no tomorrow… Mmmm! I can feel the muscles just building one on top of each other like some sort of cancer taking over my entire body… making it HUGE and squishy! YES! Watch out Hulk Hogan and your 24 Inch Pythons, I am coming! Grrr!!!

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