Friday, April 4, 2003

A promise is a promise, I said I would update again this week so here I am! I am currently at work, wasting time while the CD duplication robot does all of my work for me, because lets face it, I am fueling the flames of torment for when robots take over the earth and make us all their giant D Cell batteries.

But in all actuality, all I want to do is leave because some computer genius left their milk in our mini fridge for about 5 months and now it smells like the puke seat of a roller coaster at 6 Flags Great Adventure. I don’t understand how someone supposedly making the big bucks would be dumb enough to leave their milk in a mini fridge for 5 months — letting its rankness slowly eat away at the plastic lining of the bottle, only for it to explode and blind my sensitive eyes with mutated bully proteins and instantly cause all my hair to fall out. Oh, if I were only rich enough to eat out, this would have never happened!

In less smelly news — well, somewhat (those of you who go to shows will appreciate what I mean), I will be going to a show tonight over at the sound waves “sound emporium” if anyone wants to come over and beat up some Junior High kids with me. Tonight is the Dead 50s’ CD release show, and I can only pray that some more local Reading kid bands play so I can hear their hateful lyrics!

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