Wednesday, March 12th, 2003

Man, I finally get a chance to update this sad sad page… This week has to be the busiest week in recent memory. I was either working at work, or on a school project, or having nice ‘persuasive’ discussions to professors about my school work. Last night and tonight were critiques for my digital media classes… well, not really critiques, since in all actuality they didn’t critique anything. It was basically two hours of listening to one person’s views who only enjoys crap. Oh well, at least it will give you something new to look at here.

That’s right, Brad, Dan, and I have completed the latest version of the Late Night With Osama! Now, I haven’t posted it yet, so don’t get too excited, but this new version is cleaned up and adds a new section to it. So even if you saw the old one, you will want to check it out for the new scene. Let’s just say Osama goes Hollywood and is starting his UN tour 2003. I will be posting this sometime later in the week (hopefully), I just need to get it web ready.

One final update here, I finally got my iBook back! Oh happy day! Except for the fact the firewire STILL doesn’t work. What the harry hey? That is why I sent it back… Man, what did I do to anger the Steve Jobs god of Apple? Why must he curse me? I am their biggest fan…. stink.

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