Wednesday, February 26th, 2003

In case you noticed the sudden break down of about half my site earlier today, you will be pleased to know that most of it is back online and ready for you to not go to… again! Ha! I noticed a big slow down for all of my CGI scripts so my wonderful hosting company said they would move me to a different server. I guess they preformed that operation today and when it was complete, most of my CGI stuff went on strike. I spent sometime repairing backend links and I think everything should be back up (with the exception of the calendar, I know that still down not work right), of course if you find something that still doesn’t work, email me and I will fix it. I actually do have a lot of files on here, so I might have missed something. Now back to my normal ranting…

Yes, I am very fed up with the whole Digital Media department of Albright College. They are so full of BS, and I’m not really going to get into it on here. I will be posting a project here online soon of something we did for our Advanced Applications class. Everyone I’ve talked to loved it, yet, it was not as loved as other, more crappy projects that were presented tonight. Oh well, it just goes to show you that you might as well not try and do crap since you won’t be rewarded for doing well…

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