Monday, February 3rd, 2003: The Death of my Baby (er, iBook)

I thought I would post a little update up here to explain my recent absence to the hollowed pages of It seems as if before I got to swap in my new hard drive to my beloved iBook, it seems as if Bill Gates possessed it, reeking havoc on it’s tiny firewire ports and slowing Mac OS X down to a crawl. Unfortunately, that is my work computer so now I am kinda stuck. Hopefully I will figure out something, since it seems as if it is a hardware issue which means I need Apple to fix it, and they want to charge an arm and a leg since I took it apart. So yeah, I may be gone for some time, but I hope to update whenever I can get onto the public computer… stink!

Of course, you can still post in the forums, I will try to frequent there whenever I am not deep in prayer trying to resurrect my iBook…

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