Wednesday, January 15th, 2003

The little people are coming! The little people are coming… and what the? They are dragging a 230,000 pound airplane behind them! For those of you who missed the Man vs Beast show on Fox tonight, you missed one of the finer moments of television. Where else are you going to see the world eating champion, the guy responsible for eating over 50 hot dogs in one sitting, try to out eat a bear. And do I even have to mention the 50 little people dragging an airplane? Come on! This is truly the American dream.

In other bizarre news, did you hear about the guy in Philadelphia trying to be spiderman? Yeah, he threw all of his personal belongings out of his 25th floor apartment (and yes, that does include his bed and couch), set his apartment on fire, then jumped balcony to balcony like everyone’s favorite web slinger. But unfortunately for that guy, he actually wasn’t spiderman and he fell to his death. So let me issue this warning to those people who may believe they are spiderman: You may think you are spiderman, and maybe you are. Or maybe, you are just an overweight middle aged loser who is on some acid trip who likes to dress up in tight spadex because it feels good. Only myself, Al Gore, and Tipper will know for sure.

Oh yeah! I always like to point this out for my pseudo cult following. I have another article running over at the old, so make sure you go and read it. And make sure you also vote for me as the best outside writer on Just post it in the forums (their forums or mine, I don’t care), I could win a new washer drier combo! Whoo hoo!

The new Quicktime Archive should be up soon (if you didn’t notice, the old one doesn’t work at all), and I should be putting up a new movie. That’s right, it’s freestyle walking time, so you better be there! Be on the look out.

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