Monday, January 6th, 2003

Holy Crap! I went to sleep on the 2nd day of Kwanzaa and when I woke up, it was freakin next year! Sorry everyone, I unfortunately am still alive, so all of you who were excited about collecting out of my sudden demise better start pretending you are my friends again.

Yeah, so did I miss much? I think not, but I do think things are looking up. For example, tomorrow is of course one of the most important times of my year… sorta like the annual trip to Mecca by Islamics, but only by countless drones of computer geeks and geeks of all religions and nationalities… of course I am talking about the annual keynote by Steve Jobs at MacWorld San Francisco! You know I will be tuning in live, and you should too… especially since I know you have no life, just like me!

With all of my going to parties and being the coolest person in the world (Wha ha ha ha ha ha! Boy, that is funny), I sometimes find it hard to be a good American and sit down and watch some quality TV. Well, I plan on doing that tonight. I plan on watching Joe Millionaire, the new show based on a 50,000,000 dollar lie because the concept sounds hilarious to me. Finally, women only interested in money will get what they deserve: Nothing! Maybe Johnny Alien will call this the next Bachlorettes of Alaska!

Buy your favorite movies in their full CD quality at the Store! Don’t only go through life with seeing the dial up version, but see the movies in their true form with CD Quality sound and full frame motion! You will never look at the Joelika movies in the same way! They have low prices so act now! New movies to be sold soon. For now, you can buy the dual season of Spruce Lake `99 and Spruce Lake 2000 for only 5 dollars! And the new Spruce Lake 2001 Teaser for 2! Do it today!

Don’t forget to check out today’s events on the Official Calendar. Want an event posted? Email it to me.

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