Monday, November 4th, 2002

Well, I am back from my week’s hiatus of pain an destruction! And it is not over my friends. It seems as if the Christmas bug has hit all those companies who suddenly realized that they had projects setting on our shelves for the past two years and NOW they want them. So I have been working at work, school, and at home almost none stop, which is why I was away. But unlike my other columnist (who will rename, well, nameless), I have returned to bless my three readers! Rock on!

And just for you hard core viewers, I have FINALLY updated with a new movie. That’s right! Tired of watching that same Spruce Lake Episode over and over again? Well, now you can watch one of the shorts made for my video class over and over again! It is over 7 minutes long, so it should even keep those with ADD entranced! Wait, how did I fit 7 minutes up on my server and still have acceptable download sizes? Well, if you haven’t already, you need to upgrade to Quicktime 6. Don’t worry, it is free from Apple. Other than that, it is rated TV 14, so if you are offended easily, you may want to stay away. Have a blast with Spring Break Reading Pennsylvania!

Buy your favorite movies in their full CD quality at the Store! Don’t only go through life with seeing the dial up version, but see the movies in their true form with CD Quality sound and full frame motion! You will never look at the Joelika movies in the same way! They have low prices so act now! New movies to be sold soon. For now, you can buy the dual season of Spruce Lake `99 and Spruce Lake 2000 for only 5 dollars! And the new Spruce Lake 2001 Teaser for 2! Do it today!

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