Monday, August 12th, 2002

What is it about younger siblings that drives them to want to trash their older siblings? Honestly, I mean, I try to do it to my older brother all the time, and my younger brother’s sole purpose in life is to be better than me (Yes I am the middle child, I get the least love!). Of course, he could never trash me in the real world, but in the digital world, well, that is a different story.

See, I was always a good gamer, but ever since I decided to live what I like to call, ‘a life’, I haven’t had time to game. My little brother on the other hand games constantly day and night… let’s just say he won’t even go to the bathroom while he games… No matter how much he has to go! So naturally when I do have time to play him in a game, well, he treats me like a baby treats a diaper.

So what do I do? Don’t I want to destroy him for laughing his head off and screaming that he is better than me? Well, of course I do! But I am the bigger man… besides, just think of what I can do to him while he sleeps… Warm water on the hand? Mmm, who’s the one being treated like a baby’s diaper now!

For those of you wondering about the whole Johnny Alien contest offered last month, I do not know the winner. Only our friend from Signs, Johnny Alien does. So the best way to find out is to either post on the forums or email Johnny.

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Don’t forget to check out today’s events on the Official Calendar. Want an event posted? Email it to me.

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