Monday, July 15th, 2002… Oh Thank Heaven for 7/11

So I’ve heard a lot of you don’t visit anymore… Well, then this is the time that I will make groundless threats against you that you will never hear since you don’t visit anymore. I know where you live and what you like to eat. If you don’t visit soon, I will make your favorite food taste like lima beans… that is, unless your favorite food is lima beans for then I will just leave you alone since you are weird… yeah!

My goodness! Crew 2, Citizens None! It seems as if the newest Question Of The Week winner is none other than our own Johnny Alien! I think I can make a new game out of this… the Crew against the world! That way I wouldn’t really have to give my own crew the prizes! Oh well, they deserve it I guess, even though most of them never update…. ever. The new question will be posted tomorrow.

The new Shirts and Hoodies in the Store! Yes! You can finally purchase those wonderful goodies! They are some nice shirts, just to let you know (Now on Fruit Of The Loom Apparel!). No lie, I think they are a lot better than the last batch I had done. Shirts are still 15 dollars and the hoodies are 30 dollars. Come off it! Don’t give me that poo on how you are poor. I know a bunch of you just graduated… that means lots of money! And the rest of you are working like crazy, so take a break and spend that money at the Store! You won’t regret it!

Hey you! Yeah you! Go and freakin post something! Go and make fun of some one, I don’t care! They do it to me all the time!

Buy your favorite movies in their full CD quality at the Store! Don’t only go through life with seeing the dial up version, but see the movies in their true form with CD Quality sound and full frame motion! You will never look at the Joelika movies in the same way! They have low prices so act now! New movies to be sold soon. For now, you can buy the dual season of Spruce Lake `99 and Spruce Lake 2000 for only 5 dollars! And the new Spruce Lake 2001 Teaser for 2! Do it today!

Don’t forget to check out today’s events on the Official Calendar. Want an event posted? Email it to me.

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