Tuesday, June 11th, 2002

Goodness, why is my life so, well, boring! Well, I guess it really isn’t since I work with psycho paths and live with even bigger ones, but I don’t find any of this activity really ‘postworthy’.

Now you may be thinking I am falling into the rut as my other columnist who NEVER update. Well, I have this to say to you… Wha ha ha ha ha! I at least attempt to update everyday DAY, unlike them who try to update, oh, once a year! What’s a boy geek like me supposed to do?

So with nothing going on in my life, I need to create something of interest here on, so it will become the standard in all pop culture… So either there will be a new section or some new episodes of something coming up here. More to come later, we will see. Oh, and the Question on the Week should be coming back soon, so be on the look out for new prizes (ie shirts and hoodies!).

Oh yeah, don’t forget about the brand new Postcards! There are new postcards uploaded by our friend Jeff so send away! Hey, they are better than a Hallmark and it is free! Do it now!

Buy your favorite movies in their full CD quality at the Store! Don’t only go through life with seeing the dial up version, but see the movies in their true form with CD Quality sound and full frame motion! You will never look at the Joelika movies in the same way! They have low prices so act now! New movies to be sold soon. For now, you can buy the dual season of Spruce Lake `99 and Spruce Lake 2000 for only 5 dollars! And the new Spruce Lake 2001 Teaser for 2! Do it today!

Don’t forget to check out today’s events on the Official Calendar. Want an event posted? Email it to me.

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