Tuesday, March 19th, 2002

Sometimes it is a long and lonely journey being a Mac guy in a PC world. Just like today, working in the predominate ‘We can’t think outside of the box’ PC world I was forced to try to stand tall against a world full of beige lovers. They would simply look at the exterior facts and not be able to look past them into some underlying features. Sigh, it is a hard life, I know. But some one has to live it. Don’t worry Steve Jobs! I am here for you buddy (even though you use a Dell… you hypocrite!).

Anywho, yeah, today was way too long and boring. I am so ready for Spring Break and it is good timing too. I mean, I keep getting lazier and lazier and pretty soon I will reach the point where I won’t do any work at all! Which is no good since I would like to try to keep my name on the Dean’s List… I have to live outside my older brother’s shadow… who, by the way never updates… In fact, no one does any more… Sigh, what happened to the good old years when people actually updated… Oh yeah! That never happened! What was I thinking!??!?

I will be placing my hoodie and shirt order this week, so if you want, speak up now or you won’t get one! So there!

Oh yeah, go post something. Do it now!

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