Monday, February 26th, 2002

Summer time in the city! The weather keeps on getting weirder and weirder! Those of you who laughed at me for carrying around my big butt umbrella in the bright sunshine, look who’s laughing now! Yeah! It’s pouring down rain and it is COLD! True, it may be dark out and you maybe asleep, but I was right! Wha ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah!

I am glad the cold is back, I mean, it is only February. Besides, my Poop Trooper works so much better in the cold! It actually has this pseudo power and it doesn’t die on the hills! As soon as the atmosphere gets above 60 and I cruise on 176, boy, my engine starts to do some weird things! No lie!

Yeah, I know, this is a really sad update but this is all I can do with no sleep and being worked until the point of insanity… a few more days like this and I may need to put back on my straight jacket! Whoa!

Oh yeah, go post something. Do it now!

Ever walk around the mall and see one of those cool shirts? Ever wonder where the heck they got them? Well, look no further than here folks because you can order yours here right in the Store! Don’t be the last person to pick up your shirt!

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Don’t forget to check out today’s events on the Official Calendar. Want an event posted? Email it to me.

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