Thursday, February 7th, 2002

Tonight I was really bored so I decided to go out an surf the web. Honestly, I really don’t have time to just surf the web anymore (funny huh?) and what I found tonight shocked me. By following some simple links around the internet I was taken to professional looking sites made by kids 6 years younger than me.

Yes, when ever I get a client in at work I am always hounded for my young age (shouldn’t you be in school right now?) but these are kids that are 12 are making sites that look better than some business web pages I have seen! I remember when I was 12 (OK, more like 13) I had to hand code out all my HTML by hand and it looked OK but nothing great. But these kids (probably with some HTML generating program) are making things that actually look good! Now that is really scary for me because what keeps that kid from doing my job at an even cheaper cost… and let me tell you, I already work for pretty darn cheap!

I don’t know, hopefully that little slip of paper I am spending tons of money on will guarantee me a job and hey! At least all my links work… on their sites you would be lucky of a third of them did.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell everyone that Veggie Delight updated the other day (OK, or week… sorry!) and I posted a new wall paper for your enjoyment in the downloads section. And yes, those links do work! Try them!

Here is the Question of The Week! In honor of the big V-Day, we have a special prize for you! No, it isn’t a date with me (that is a relief, right?!?) but not, it is what everyone craves, a box of Godiva Chocolates! The winner will be able to choose their favorite type of chocolate (whether it is chocolate with nuts, fruit centers, caramel, other type cream, ect)! Ok, here is the question. What was the original tag line of the first ever Joelika release (that would be version 1.0)?

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