Wednesday, February 6th, 2002

Did you ever notice that it seems like every Joe Smo you meet in today’s society has their own web site? Seriously, basically you can just type in that person’s name, add a .com or .ws to the end of it and BAM! You are at their own little fan site. Basically, it seems as if these people need to devote a whole site entirely to themselves to give some type of joy to their otherwise mundane life. It is just like their own pseudo fan club…. Welcome to the world of!

Well, I hope has slowly made its way out of that whole, and we must remember that not all web sites are bad. In fact, some sites show some very aesthetic work. If you already haven’t seen some of the art on Infinity’s web site (the picture made entirely of dots truly is impressive), I would encourage you to do so. Thankfully, with the talent and creativity of such people as Johnny Alien, Seth, Veggie Delight, and Rusty, I think has that variety and spice that makes this whole thing worthwhile. And of course, thanks to viewers like you who faithfully post on the forums, you keep a very interesting place to come home to. So to all my writers and all my viewers I would like to give a huge thanks for making my life and hobby worth while and not some pseudo fan club devoted to my pathetic existence on this green earth! Here is to you! Rock on!

Here is the Question of The Week! In honor of the big V-Day, we have a special prize for you! No, it isn’t a date with me (that is a relief, right?!?) but not, it is what everyone craves, a box of Godiva Chocolates! The winner will be able to choose their favorite type of chocolate (whether it is chocolate with nuts, fruit centers, caramel, other type cream, ect)! Ok, here is the question. What was the original tag line of the first ever Joelika release (that would be version 1.0)?

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