Wednesday, January 30th, 2002

I love rain! I really do. I love the fact that I can watch the rain fall outside my window, jump into random puddles and make people wet, and of course, rain is just fun. Well, at least it was until today… For you see, rain mixed with deficient drivers just doesn’t mix, and it doesn’t help that 99% of all drivers on the road today reek (obviously, they only good 1% visit!).

Take for instance today, I was driving home from work on the four lane highway of 422 when all traffic stopped. Now, this is nothing new since every time it rains some person has a panic attack and crashes, but today was different.

After waiting for over 20 minutes in traffic and going like 2 MPH, I finally saw the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles at ground zero of the disaster. Only to my surprise, these lights did not shine from my side of the highway, but from the other side of the road instead! Now wait a second, if the accident was on the other side of the barrier, why did everyone actually Stop? Plus, as soon as we passed the accident, all of the sudden, we were going 55 MPH again. What gives?

Rubberneckers. What causes people to slow down to a stop and ogle at other people’s misfortune is beyond me. I guess it is somewhat related to the reason on why people stare at dismembered bodies and animals. I don’t know, but it sure as heck bets getting home 20 minutes to eat supper, am I right?

Here is the Question of The Week! This week we are playing for a CD complete with the Spruce Lake `99 and 2000 Seasons in their full CD-ROM version glory! So since we are playing for Spruce Lake Memorabilia, we will have a Spruce Lake Question! In Spruce Lake 2000, Ben left us for some other sell our school. Who took Ben’s place and joined our heroes in the infamous Room 112?

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