Tuesday, January 29th, 2002

You know school is pretty sad when your most exciting class is a science course. These courses usually tend to be very dry and boring… at least that has been my past experience in High School. But it seems as if my Optics class is going to be very exciting! My Prof already assured me that we can in fact use lasers to blow things up! Bending glass or staring at a naked model of a human can no way compare to that! I am telling you, my finally project is going to be a shark with a freaken laser beam on its head!

Here is the Question of The Week! This week we are playing for a CD complete with the Spruce Lake `99 and 2000 Seasons in their full CD-ROM version glory! So since we are playing for Spruce Lake Memorabilia, we will have a Spruce Lake Question! In Spruce Lake 2000, Ben left us for some other sell our school. Who took Ben’s place and joined our heroes in the infamous Room 112?

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