Thursday, January 24th, 2002

I love buying illegally smuggled Girl Scout Cookies! Yes! My mother bought the ‘official’ Girl Scout Cookies from an ‘official’ Girl Scout trooper herself. They told my mom that she would not receive her coveted Thin Mint Cookies until the end of February.

However, just yesterday I purchased Thin Mints from some girls sitting in a mall but not sporting official Girl Scout Uniform. Were these girls really just Girl Scout Cookie look a likes partaking in an evil plot to sell ‘unofficial’ Thin Mints and run the real Girl Scouts into the ground? Or were these little girls actually sent out by the supreme Girl Scout Czar to sell these delectable little mints for higher prices to Thin Mint junkies who just can not wait until February for their fix? What ever the reason I have to get more Thin Mints… I feel another attack coming on!

Here is the Question of The Week! This week we are playing for a CD complete with all the CCS Survivor Episodes in their full CD-ROM quality glory! Never before released so you better win! This week question is a repeat but I wanted to start out with something easy…

Who was the first columnist hired by Joelika to write in the Joelika 2.0 release?

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