Thursday, December 6th, 2001

Finally! I have returned to bless your once peaceful and wonderful lives! Where have I been the last three days? Editing with Adam on our class’ final Digital Video project. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so bad before in my life! This is right up there with the BJ’s video, except the BJ’s video has a good Voice Over going for it! Oh well, Adam and I broke out our little video editing voodoo and our cut is sure to beat the other classes and we will be crowed king nerds of the Digital Media Lab! Wha ha ha ha ha!

Have you ever noticed that on back roads, no one ever turns off their high beams? They don’t! For instance, tonight, I was driving home after eight hours of video editing and four cars in a row just drove by me with their high beams on! They didn’t care that I was blinded and almost ran into a mailbox, it wasn’t their mailbox, and they sure can see well! Just you wait non-high beam turner offers! When I get my one trillion candle power spot light, you will be the one in pain! You will be better off staring into the sun on a bright summer day! Wha ha ha ha ha! Break out the shades!

I think my hosting company finished the migration of their web servers, but if you see anything nonfunctional, email me and I will email them, and they will email me, and it will be like… like the circle of life!

Oh, in case you are wondering, I finished the last CCS Survivor Episode, I just didn’t have time to put on the intro or compress it for the web yet. But you can get it on VCD! Maybe I will put it up on the Store soon!

I need pictures! Lots and lots of pictures for the Postcards! I can’t put it up unless I have postcards to send out, so if you have art you would like to submit, pictures of your self or your dog, or anything else, email them to me and maybe you can be famous!

Ever walk around the mall and see one of those cool shirts? Ever wonder where the heck they got them? Well, look no further than here folks because you can order yours here right in the Store! Don’t be the last person to pick up your shirt!

Buy your favorite movies in their full CD quality at the Store! Don’t only go through life with seeing the dial up version, but see the movies in their true form with CD Quality sound and full frame motion! You will never look at the Joelika movies in the same way! They have low prices so act now! New movies to be sold soon. For now, you can buy the dual season of Spruce Lake `99 and Spruce Lake 2000 for only 5 dollars! And the new Spruce Lake 2001 Teaser for 2! Do it today!

Don’t forget to check out today’s events on the Official Calendar. Want an event posted? Email it to me.

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