Thursday, October 18th, 2001

Why is the world full of stupid drivers? I see more and more of them every day! It is always comical when people who think they are driving faster than the speed of sound drive on the left hand lane, but in all actuality you blow past them on the right. You would think after this humiliation they would come to the realization that they are really driving grandma speed and switch lanes, but no! They still keep on driving on the left lane like they are all that and a bag of chips.

Something you should never do though is block some one in a side street while you are waiting for a green light. That just really pisses people off, especially if there is also an exit to a bank there as well. This very example happened to me today, and I had to struggle to get out of that predicament. Those idiots drivers from the bank would just pull right out in front me, even though I had been there for like 5 minutes. What really pissed me off was this one lady in her nice new Volvo Wagon (which are so ugly by the way), pulled right out in front of me, then waved to me as if saying, “Thanks, I am better than you!” The audacity of it all! I wanted to ram my trooper right into her shinny new Volvo! Didn’t she see me waiting there for the past 5 minutes? Didn’t she see me try to pull out only to have to slam on my breaks to keep from hitting her? Next time I will just ram her! I drive a trooper lady! It has uranium plating! She would be the one in pain, not me! Goodness!! THINK!

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