Monday, October 15, 2001

Bad days, everyone has them and no one likes them. Unless you are a member of the Adams family, but that is a whole other story! For example, today I had a bad day. It all started out when I walked out of my house without my keys and got locked out. That normally wouldn’t be a problem except I lost the spare key while retrieving it from it’s ultra secrete hiding place. After 20 minutes of painstaking searching, I found the blasted key and was only 20 minutes late to work thanks to the miracle of 176.

That would be enough to give most a bad day, but it didn’t stop there for me! Yes, for I was going to leave the office early today after finishing the third DVD episode of Baby Sophia (yes, she ventures outside in this one!), but Miss Magnatech wouldn’t allow that! No, I had to make her an emergency DVD… and not just a DVD mind you, a C-DVD which makes me have to watch my compression even more. That made me 2 hours late getting out of the office. Goodness, I will never be late for work again! It seems for every 10 minutes I am late, I must spend another hour there! Ew!

But there were a few things that gave me distinctive joy such as driving without any hands on 176. Now that was fun, getting hair gel all over me in Wal * Mart, oh, and having a non functional toilet! Yup! Today was fantastic! How was your day?

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Don’t forget to check out todays events on the Official Calendar. Want an event posted? Email it to me.

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