Wednesday, October 10th, 2001

Bambie, what a truly touching and beautiful story told by Walt Disney. It depicts the elegance, intelligence, and fears of what makes up a deer. It shows their innocence, and their inability to do wrong. Well, that is according to Walt Disney! I found out the much more evil, and stupid side to deer. Yes! Just like 20 minutes ago as I was driving back to my humble house, this drunken buck ran right into the side of my Trooper! It didn’t even give me a chance! It didn’t run in front of me, or be a sensible being and wait for me to go by, but no! It chose to run straight into the side of my car, leaving this crater by my wheel well!

How dare it scratch my beloved Trooper on it’s birthday! Yes! Today it turned 270,000 miles! Everything was grand until retarded deer smashed it’s big hard head into it! That is enough for me to break back out my hunter orange and do some population control! Goodness! Isn’t it enough I dodge cars all day in Reading to get hit without warning by my house. Honestly, this just isn’t right! Maybe I need to download Deer Hunter or something and become a hick. Rock on!

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