Friday, October 5th, 2001

Do you ever get that feeling that people are critical about the way you drive? People have different ways of showing their fear or disapproval in ones driving. They may make gasping noises or more blatantly scream at the top of their lungs in fear. For me, it is a little more interesting. Yes, for instance I was driving to work this morning and I past this delightfully chubby man. At first I thought this stranger was waving to me until I saw the terror on his face. Then I recognized that he wasn’t waving at all, but more of a, “Slow down I am in fear for my life” kind of things. Then as I speed away, out of my rear view mirror I saw him turn around and give me a dirty look like a 5 year old would give. Hey, I can’t help it my car is the SUV equivalent of the Mach 5! I can’t help that my 4 cylinder Trooper with 269,865 miles on it makes you afraid! Girls don’t like losers speed!

Well, I hope this time it comes true, but I hope to have the new up this Monday. So stay tuned and hopefully I can deliver!

I hate writing papers. Yes, it has to be one of the cruelest things ever brought upon us by our education system. I especially hate writing papers that don’t even relate to me… which is about 99 percent of all college papers! Ha! Oh well, I guess I should just do it and not be so poopy. I will never be as great as Johnny Alien with that attitude! Oh yeah, was anyone at his band’s show the other week? Hmmm

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